Oct 17, 2013

n e w . s e m e s t e r !

Assalamualaikum uolls..
new entry about this new semester. final year..whoaa.. sem 7 already, times are running quicklyy....just want to share about my subjects in this semester. 

1. financial accounting.
 can u imagine how come an engineering student learn abount accounting?haha.never ever learnt bout that b4.but i've to faced it.hmmm. this subject is under accounting faculty.

2. elective (Human Resorce Management).
this is my fault since i'm too late in registering course, so that en azmi told me to enter this clas.. business subject under business faculty! hahaa.

3. research project 1 .

this project is done individually and monitored by a supervisor. My spervisor is Dr Fitrah.. since she is a perfectionist, in early stage, i'm too scared to meet her. but at last, she is ok. and i've a master student to guide me in doing this RP1. feeling better.....alhamdulillah..

4. Design project 1.
this project is done by a group. our group of 6 members (me,nisa,eja,fatin,elmiey,kadir) is supposed to do on title 'Butanediol'. besides, our spervisor, Prof Madya Dr Ruzitah also is ok and kind. we've to meet her once a week and present/show her our work progress by each part of the design project.

Alhamdulillah...may Allah ease my way of life......ameen :)