Jan 24, 2015

Its all about ALHAMDULILLAH !

Assalamualaikum sume! its have been a year i didn't update any entries right. no post on 2014. alhamdulillah till today i still got chance to breath in and out in this world. Thanks to Allah!.
Firstly, alhamdulillah, at the end of July 2014 i've been unofficially graduated from UiTM with a degree of chemical engineering. The graduation day was on 30 nov 2014. Alhamdulillah again, i've been employed by Mey Chern Chemicals Sdn Bhd, a chemical company which i've gone practical before. Alhamdulillah, now almost 5 months i've been worked there. So far so good. I gain new experiences, new knowledges also new friends ! 

Actually, i just rememberrred that i got blog, haha. so long not update. Today, someone special to me has reminded me to my blog. As u realised, nowadays people more active on fb, insta, twitter, wechat, whatsapp and many more. Blog was popular on 2009-2010 if i not mistaken. that time i just open new account for blog and still learning. haha. but how time flies, now i'm turn 24 .oh no! =)

I miss my pleasure time when spent on ROTU. its taught me how to be discipline, stronger and strongest also patient.. :'( i plan to continued but its depends on time maybe. 

I don't know what i want to share this time because i just type in my way and did not got any idea.hehe.just fill my time with my beloved boyfriend (laptop), Kitty :p hihi.

okay, to be continued..... Assalamualaikum. :) happy weekend!

Oct 17, 2013

n e w . s e m e s t e r !

Assalamualaikum uolls..
new entry about this new semester. final year..whoaa.. sem 7 already, times are running quicklyy....just want to share about my subjects in this semester. 

1. financial accounting.
 can u imagine how come an engineering student learn abount accounting?haha.never ever learnt bout that b4.but i've to faced it.hmmm. this subject is under accounting faculty.

2. elective (Human Resorce Management).
this is my fault since i'm too late in registering course, so that en azmi told me to enter this clas.. business subject under business faculty! hahaa.

3. research project 1 .

this project is done individually and monitored by a supervisor. My spervisor is Dr Fitrah.. since she is a perfectionist, in early stage, i'm too scared to meet her. but at last, she is ok. and i've a master student to guide me in doing this RP1. feeling better.....alhamdulillah..

4. Design project 1.
this project is done by a group. our group of 6 members (me,nisa,eja,fatin,elmiey,kadir) is supposed to do on title 'Butanediol'. besides, our spervisor, Prof Madya Dr Ruzitah also is ok and kind. we've to meet her once a week and present/show her our work progress by each part of the design project.

Alhamdulillah...may Allah ease my way of life......ameen :)

Sep 8, 2013

A l l a h . s g t . m e m a h a m i . k i t a .

dgn manusia...
kita slalu 
skit hati...
tapi dgn Allah..
kite x terpkir..
Allah mst slalu
skit hti dgn kita
sbb kita slalu abaikan 
ape yg Dye sruh
tp Allah tu sntiase ade tuk kte
cme kte yg kdg2 xde mse tuk Allah
wlupun kte abaikan Allah..
Allah ttp syg kt kite
bg kte udara oksigen
dye xtrik nikmat dye bg
wlupun kte ni jht
Allah maha pemurah
lagi maha penyayang
kpd hamba2 nye kan...
Allah memahami kite
xspt manusia..
sssh nk memahami ape
yg kte rase..
ape mslh kte
dgn Allah...sume Allah tahu
dr awl smpi akhir
ape yg kte rase
jd Allah adalah sebaek2 tmpt mngadu
dye pun slalu bntu kte 
Allah terima taubat hambanye 
slagi pintu taubat terbuka
betapa baek nye Allah kan
manusia x se sempurna Allah
hati manusia mmg kdg2 jht n baek
xpnh nk memahami ape yg kte rse
tp Allah tu laen
kt x ckp mslh kte pun
dye phm ...ape yg kte rse
kte perlu usaha n bykkan bdoa
dye bg jalan tuk kite....
saya syg ALLAH <3

M y . L o v e r . D u n i a . A k h i r a t .

sungguh ....
terlalu banyak dosaku 
yg ku lakukan 
di bumi Allah ini...
aku mnyesal..
sungguh mnyesal..
kerana goyah
dgn godaan syaitan
laknatullah.. :'(
ajal tu x kire mase
xkire umur
xkire tmpt
mati itu pasti
Ya Allah..
jika mmpi itu petunjuk 
untuk aku
matikanlah ku
dlm keadaan beriman
aku memohon 
ats sgala dosaku
Hanya Kau 
yg memahami hatiku
ku rindukan cintaMu..
ku dambakan kasihMu
ku lalai slame nie
tetapkan lah imanku
ameeen Ya Rabb <3

jika dapat diputarkan
kembali mase itu
aku ingin berbuat kebaikan
jauh skali ingin 
melakukan dosa
kerna ku tahu 
itu akan buat
Kau murka pd ku
ku mohon...
pengampunan dr Mu..
Ya Allah Ya Rahman

Aug 18, 2013

r a y a , 1.

lame suda x update blog, stahun lbeh jgk da kan, haha, bz la..
ni pun smpt lg wifi kt rmh sepupu, haha,, slmt hri rye maaf zhir btin , :)

Jul 30, 2012



Jun 21, 2012


كاون-كاون ساي.مريك سموا باءيق. بنتو ساي دان لأين-لأين... سوك مريك  sayang (huruf nga xde.) هاري اين ساي نق بريتاهو ...ساي 

-هيدايتي, مودّة,ساميحة,أزورة,عيني,فارح-

! تريما كاسيه صحابتكو سموا